Sandbox Environment πŸš€

Working With Developer API Sandbox Env

Ready to explore Chimoney API? Let's set up your Sandbox environment!


Sandbox API URL

  1. Sign up for your sandbox environment here.
Account is funded with $1000(10000 Chimoney) of test amount
  1. Click on the Organizations tab on the dashboard.
  2. Create an Organization/Team
  3. Finally, click on the Developers tab to create an app and use the API keys to access the sandbox endpoints.

  • Watch a video on how to get started with the Chimoney Sandbox.


Testing on the API Docs

To test the API endpoints directly on the docs, just follow these steps:

  1. Copy your API-KEY from the Developers tab and paste it on the Authorization Header
  1. Switch the Base URL to the sandbox version.
If testing in production then use the first URL

Need Assistance?

Contact [email protected] to ask questions and also book a call for a demo .