Libraries & Plugins

Libraries and tools for integrating with Chimoney API with examples.

We've got pre-written code packages (server-side helper libraries) to make using the Chimoney API easier!



  • Python

  • PHP-Laravel

  • Javascript (NPM)

  • Flutter

  • DotNet

  • Java

  • Rust

Use Cases

Here are a few implementations of the Chimoney API, built and maintained by our Chimoney Community.

  1. Instant Airtime Redemption Page

  • This is a streamlined redeeming process for airtime that allows users to redeem Chimoney directly to airtime via a specific mobile number quickly.

  1. Payout using Chimoney Twitter Bot

  • This implementation allows you to initiate a payout with the API from a Twitter comment using a twitter bot with a simple command.

  1. Payout Gift Card

  • This allows you to send a gift card using the API with ease.

  1. Perform MoMo payout via the API.

  • This is a mini project to demonstrate the integration of the mobile money payout functionality using the API.

  1. Perform Bank payout via the API.

  • A mini project to demonstrate the integration of bank payout using the React framework.

  1. Paypaddy

  • A React web app that utilizes multiple endpoints of the API to enable a variety of payouts including Bank, Airtime, Mobile Money, and gift card payouts.

  • This is a gifting platform that allows users to perform Bank, Airtime, and Mobile Money payouts via the API.

  • An interactive map representation of supported countries and services supported by Chimoney.

Chimoney Payment Bots

Send and receive Chimoney on the go and within your favorite platforms with Chimoney bots. From Slack and Discord to GitHub and Telegram, manage payments, and boost your community/employee incentives all seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows.


  • Chimoney Slack Bot lets you send and receive money instantly right within your workspace.
  • Installation Guide

Discord Bot

  • With the Chimoney Discord Bot, you can send instant rewards and payments to your Discord members from your Chimoney wallet.
  • Installation Guide

GitHub Bot

  • Chimoney GitHub bot allows you to reward open source contributors and sponsor open source projects directly from your Chimoney wallet.
  • Installation Guide

Whatsapp Bot

  • Send and receive Chimoney seamlessly within your WhatsApp chats with the Chimoney WhatsApp Bot.
  • Installation Guide