Libraries & Plugins

Libraries and tools for interacting with Chimoney API Along with Example

Server-side helper libraries simplify the process of utilising Chimoney REST APIs by reducing the necessary code. These libraries are available in various popular server-side programming languages and their installation instructions are provided.

Use Cases 🚀🚀

Redeem Flow

  • A streamlined redeeming process for airtime is implemented in the ChiConnect API, allowing developers to redeem airtime to a specific mobile number quickly. This enables you to convert Chimoney to airtime.

Twitter Bot

  • Initiate a payout with the ChiConnect API from a Twitter comment using a twitter bot with a simple command.


  • Send gift card using the ChiConnect API with ease.
  • Perform MOMO payout with the Chiconnect API.


  • Python SDK for ChiConnect API
  • PHP-Laravel SDK
  • Javascript SDK (NPM)
  • Flutter SDK