Knowing The API

This section talks about the commonly used keywords across the API.

Chimoney Object ✌

Where it begins...✨

     valueInUSD, // amount to send
     email, // Required if twitter is not provided. 
     twitter, // Required if email is not provided. Uses email if it is also provided
     enabledToRedeem, // A array of assets enabled for this transaction. Optional. 

enabledToRedeem array
An array of supported assets to be redeemed.

  • Useful for:
- Restricting what receivers can get with their Chimoney

- Linking a transaction to a particular asset in the instance that you want the receivers to redeem the linked asset

Sub accounts

  • A parent account can have one more sub accounts.
  • Sub accounts can call many endpoints via their parent.
  • To perform a transaction as a sub account, pass the subAccount id to the body of any API call and you will perform the transaction as that account.
  • For example:


  • IssueID is a reference that represents a batch of chimoney transactions initiated at the same time.
    i.e If 20 chimoney transactions are made at once, they will have 20 chiRefs but the same issueID.
  • It is used at various endpoints across the product. e.g Get transaction details by issueID.


  • This is a reference to a previously initiated send Chimoney transaction.
  • It is used at various endpoints across the product. e.g Redeem airtime.   


  • It is a data structure within the Chimoney API that contains information related to the redemption of funds or rewards by a user.
  • It includes several components:
`owner`: The identifier of the user who is redeeming the funds.  
`valueInUSD`: The monetary value of the redemption in US dollars.  
`walletID`: The identifier of the wallet where the redeemed funds will be deposited.  
`amount`: The amount of funds being redeemed.  
`walletType`: The type of wallet where the funds will be deposited (e.g., "chi").  
`currency`: The currency in which the funds are being redeemed (e.g., "USD").


  • This is the URL to redirect to after payment is confirmed. An example use case is with the payments endpoint.

Interledger Address/Interledger Payment Pointer

  • It is a unique ID for your Interledger Protocol (ILP) enabled Chimoney Wallet. You can use it to receive/send from/to other ILP-enabled Wallets.

NFC linkCode

  • It is a link associated with your Chimoney NFC card that provides secure access to your payment/account details.


  • The recipient of a funds transfer made through Chimoney


  • There are four Chimoney transfer statuses:
- Paid - Shows when Chimoney has been transferred to a recipient but not redeemed
- Failed - Shows when a transfer is  unsuccessful
- Redeemed - This means the recipient has claimed and accessed the funds sent.