Initiate chimoney.

Initiate a new Chimoney transaction.


chimoneys is required

Check out the Knowing The API section of the documentation for more information.

With this endpoint, you can initiate sending of Gift Cards, Mobile Money, Airtime, Bank payouts, and more and pay with one of the supported Crypto (XRP + XRPL tokens, cUSD, and more).

Example Format

Note : This example is for initiating gift card payment

    "chimoneys": [
           "valueInUSD": 100,
           "enabledToRedeem": ["giftcard", "wallet", "momo", "airtime"],
           "type": "giftcard",
           "email": "[email protected]",
           "redeemData": {
             "countryCode": "US",
             "productId": "10",
             "productName": "Amazon US",
    "cryptoPayment": {
        "xrpl": {
            "address": "",
            "currency": ""
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